Website Development

Our team of developers has worked on a variety of projects with different technologies. Whether you need a simple one-page website or a fully-fledged eCommerce solution, we are there to help.

What’s your ideal website?


  • Ideal for brick and mortar Businesses with fewer services.

  • Neat and Simple outlay.

  • High converting and easy to use.

  • Complete integration with GMB.​

  • Get direct calls & WhatsApp messages.

  • Free with Google.


  • Get started right away

  • Low investment, higher returns marketing tool.

  • Easy to manage Blogs.

  • No comprise with SEO or Google Webmaster Guidelines.

  • WordPress, Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace etc.


  • Retain 100% control over all technical aspects and design of the website.

  • Ideal for bigger organizations and brands.
  • Understand your own code.
  • Less needs for backups.

  • Flexible when integrating specific additional features.

  • No need for plugins and themes..


    • Ideal for businesses selling products online.

    • Customers buy directly from you without going to a marketplace like Amazon.

    • Potentially higher profit margins.

    • Complete segmentation of shop verticals.

    • Use Upselling and Remarketing to increase ROI.

    • Payment Integration and Web security. 

Archon Approach

We understand the importance of tailoring each client’s experience. No budget is small enough and no sales plan is ‘too simple to implement when it comes to website development. 

  We help in improving your current collaterals as well as in identifying which website solution fits your particular business need, depending on the scale and business maturity cycle.